About Us

Inspired from the famous mathematician and bon vivant ‘John Von Neumann’

Based in the famous Cedars area, in North Lebanon, we also have offices in Beirut, and Saida, South Lebanon

Established as a legal entity in 2014

Neumann is built on a rock-solid foundation of a 25-year experience in software architecture. Our software architects and developers, solution architects, business analysts, business implementers and data scientists are seasoned veterans who have had their nose to the grindstone for 12-25 years. They all converged and pooled their expertise to create Neumann and give much larger software development companies a run for their money.

For all that, we are not oblivious to the fact that we are contending with world-class muscle but we constantly remind ourselves that we are in possession of a uniquely winning formula, and we gladly embrace the challenge of providing the proof.


The company headquarters is located in the Cedars region of North Lebanon, at an altitude close to 2000m. Not that this particular detail is our claim to fame or has any special symbolism attached to it, but we are unique in having chosen such a scenic setting for our “base camp.”

To serve our logistical purposes and allow us to be in constant touch with our clients, we also have offices in Beirut, and in Saïda, South Lebanon.

Our Team

We are grateful for, and proud of the contributions of our staff.

It is only through the concerted efforts of each and every one that the company is able to function and flourish.

Seniors Positions

Paul Tauk

Paul Tauk

Founder and CEO

25 years after his apprenticeship period in the early 1990s, Paul has become a technologist/entrepreneur par excellence. Currently overseeing the entire Neumann enterprise from both its technical angle and its cultural angle, his body is hardly ever in a still mode – whether awake or asleep.

Imad el Anis

Imad el Anis

Head of Research and Development

Imad is responsible for examining the possibilities of improving existing products and coming up with new products.
With strong roots in the business and with wings of technical curiosity, Imad is a text-book example of a technologist. Oddly enough, this stands in stark contrast with the image of a conservative and a traditionalist when it comes to his food choices.

Charbel Keyrouz

Charbel Keyrouz

Head of Big Data Architecture

Charbel leads our Big Data efforts, the objective of which is to come up with simpler tools to explore Big Data territory without the assistance of data scientists.
Charbel is a natural-born information specialist who is totally sold on the concepts of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Sometimes he needs to be reminded that as cool as it may look or sound, the future is not now.

Mark Tawk

Mark Tawk

Deputy Head of R&D

Mark is currently responsible for investigating ways of improving our products as well as the means and methods by which these products are obtained.
He spends his time asking questions and leaving no stone unturned. The thing is, if he had a satisfactory answer to every question he asks, he would be a contemporary, miniature Einstein.

Samer Tauk

Samer Tauk

Head of Implementation

Samer is responsible for implementing new software to ensure optimal, on-the-ground performance.
His impressive physique and muscular build afford him an extra measure of influence, which is not normally bestowed on people of a smaller stature. The downside to all that is that it only works on people, not on machines

Edward Rahme

Edward Rahme

Head of Quality Assurance

Edward supervises and manages the staff that is responsible for making sure that – before being released to the market – our software is up to standard and meets client expectations.
By the nature of the person himself, Edward is a stickler for details and there is nothing more fitting for him than to be in this position. Providence may have something to do with that.

Rami Fakhry

Rami Fakhry

Senior Software Engineer

Rami is responsible for making sure that the piece of software we produce is properly conceptualized and executed, and constitutes a useful, desirable and salable product.
He is the type of person who strikes an excellent balance by taking his work very seriously but everything else, not quite so much. Thank God it’s not the other way around.


We are always looking for talent and talent is always looking for us as well.

We have occasional openings in these capacities at any of our three locations:
Cedars, North Lebanon | Beirut | Saïda, South Lebanon

Current job openings

Not all positions may be open all the time but we would like to hear from you if you would like to take up the challenge of a career in software architecture and development, solution architecture, business analysis, or business implementation.

Senior Big Data Developer

We’re looking for a hands-on Big Data developer to help us build a highly-scalable backend for our open source big data analysis and visualization application and has production experience within the Hadoop ecosystem. We leverage open source projects such as HDFS, YARN, Spark, Elasticsearch, and Accumulo and are in need of engineers who can help us best leverage these tools.

Location: Antelias

Junior Big Data Developer

We’re looking for a junior big data developer familiar with Hadoop in order to help us build our open source solution for big data analysis and visualization.
The application is built on top of HDFS, YARN, Spark, Elasticsearch, and Accumulo and we are in need of engineers who can help us best leverage these tools. If you’re a passionate big data engineer that enjoys working with a small team of talented engineers in a pragmatic environment, we need to hear from you.

Location: Antelias

Business Implementer (Business Intelligence, Analytics, ETL AND Automation)

We are looking for a Business Implementer with hands-on experience in implementing data integration and business intelligence solutions.
You will be part of the team of experienced business implementers that are responsible for the full cycle of customer project implementation, from pre-sales demo, to requirement gathering and understanding the client’s business, to final delivery and acceptance.

Location: Antelias

Java Developer

We are looking for a Java Developer with experience in building high-performing, scalable, enterprise-grade applications.
You will be part of a talented software team that works on a high-volume application. You will be responsible for Java/Java EE application development while providing expertise in the full software development lifecycle, from concept and design to testing.

Location: Antelias, Cedars, Saida

Front-end Developer

We are looking for a Front-end Developer with experience in building high-performing, scalable, enterprise-grade application interfaces.
You will be working with a development team on designing and implementing GUI changes to our existing product interfaces based on collected feedback from a business team and product management.

Location: Saida

Quality Assurance Officer

Quality Assurance Officer (QAO) tests software for potential problems or bugs. It is necessary to test new software before it is released to the public to be sure it is working properly.
QAO certifies and maintains existing software to avoid any future problems. Software qualification involves going through the typical use of the program, as well as potential misuse to see if problems or bugs arise.
QAO will set up the testing scenarios, test cases and user stories.

Location: Cedars

Data Scientist

We are looking for a smart, innovative and motivated Data Scientist to join the Implify Team. You will have the opportunity to apply your data science skills in a challenging environment around data visualization, bridging, automating processes.
You will have the opportunity to design, prototype and build analytics platform using cutting edge technologies in business intelligence and big data.

Location: Antelias, Saida


For further inquiry, please fill in the following fields.

Antelias, Lebanon

Address: Kassis Street, Kassis compound, 4th building, 5th floor
Phone: +961 4 520024

Saida, Lebanon

Address: Saida, Riad El Solh Street, Martyr Place.
Phone: +961 7 729420