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The hub where every data stream on your market meets and joins hands.

Collect cold data. Turn it into actionable information. Turn actionable into action.

Communication Then and Now

Until recently, business/consumer communication has been mostly one way, with business doing most of the talking, through a generic, one-size-fits-all speech, and the consumer doing most of the listening with limited feedback capabilities.
With communication principles remaining the same, the tools of the times are radically changing. How about if:

You could monitor your audience’s individual reactions in a timely, accurate and reliable fashion.
You no longer needed to use a generic message to address an audience.
You could address each and every client, no matter how many clients you have, on a one-on-one basis.

Neumann Data Platform

By way of doing the necessary homework for a successful communication, Neumann Data Platform is conceptualized and engineered to achieve three objectives:

 Data , Insight and Action.


In today’s digital world, every interaction generates data.


Data is a worthless commodity at an idle state and an invaluable one at a dynamic state. Neumann Platform helps you make the most of your business data; know more, faster, and turn knowledge into bottom-line savings.

Collecting Data

Neumann’s platform collects data in bulk from all your disparate legacy data sources – either on demand or automatically.

Mapping Data

Once acquired from all kinds of sources, both real-time data and historical data are then mapped in the sense that every bit of data is told where to go and how to get there. Data is thus modeled and virtualized to create one coherent and unified database.


Business decisions based on gut feeling are a thing of the past.

Visualizing Data

Neumann’s data visualization is an integral part of the platform’s self-service, real-time business intelligence. It offers a rich library of visualization types with very advanced capabilities, and a remarkably simple UX, as simple as drag-and-drop.
Neumann is 100% codeless, which is a fancy way of saying that technical intervention for the purpose of interpreting findings is now irrelevant.

Data Analytics

In terms of client segmentation, Neumann instinctively recognizes changes in client behavior, which require that a client be moved from one segment to another and automatically executes the task.
What that means is consistently up-to-date, reliable results with every query.


Neumann’s data automation allows control of business rules upon which specific actions are triggered.

This automation engine is part a of the Neumann platform, acting as a driver that steers and operates the different components to perform the required operations from data retrieval, to transformation, analytics and storage.

That means you may trigger actions directly on the platform, based on analytics, such as:

Dispatching a service offer
Sending an email, alert, or notification
Starting a marketing campaign


Neumann Platform

No data source left behind . Interactive Visualization . Intelligent Automation.

The cornerstone of a business information system with a serious edge.

Neumann Data Platform

Presenting a simple-to-use and customizable user interface.

Clichéd as it may be, it has to be mentioned at the outset that today’s businesses collect data at a frighteningly increasing rate but the persisting issue has always been the ability to tell genuine knowledge production from glorified data collection. And in a world abuzz with information technology and terminology, this issue becomes more and more pressing. As a decision-maker, you need to always ask the right questions and “leave no stone unturned” when it comes to new information systems acquisitions. At Neumann, we will help you do just that.

Any and all industries whose ultimate clientele is the general public stand to reap Neumann’s benefits the best: Government, Retail, Transportation, Banking, Education, Communications, Tourism, Insurance, Power and Telephone Utilities, Restaurant Chains, etc.

Neumann Data Platform is the cornerstone of a business information system with a serious edge.

Deliver, from the ground up, a 360-degree data access: capture data from scattered sources in heterogeneous formats, and present it in a unified, homogenous format.

Empower code-less, drag and drop, self-service visualizations through Neumann’s advanced Business Intelligence Platform: no IT intervention or technical assistance is needed.

Increase data relevancy, contextually, and personalization: recognize patterns, and draw insights, which you never knew existed, and which cannot be discovered otherwise.

Deliver proactive rather than reactive behaviors and to know what your customers need, when they need it, and allow you to respond in accordance.

Built on top of Neumann Platform, Neumann Marketing monitors, from a single point, your marketing efforts, and allows you to assess campaign performance from different perspectives: customer, channel, product or service.

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