Get more value from complex data
Data volumes are expanding all the time as new data sources continue to emerge. The challenge is extracting business value from this data and turning it into a competitive advantage. Neumann’s platform combines an advanced database with cutting-edge analytical processing, data ingestion and integration, and data quality tools. This gives you a single secure environment for all your mission-critical data. The ability to manage large, live volumes of structured and unstructured data efficiently means you can get it into the hands of the right people across the business in an easily digestible format.

From financial services to retail, to telecom, healthcare, education, insurance, manufacturing and more, including but not limited to, FinTech, Big Data, Blockchain, BI, Data Marketing, Neumann offers one of the finest solutions for optimal data-driven decision-making.

Neumann will turn your data into a competitive advantage that delivers value for your industry and enterprise using AI to improve, product development and positioning, marketing strategies, operations as well as:

  • Customer experience
  • Customer loyalty and retention programs
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital ad targeting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Recommendation engines
  • Search engines
  • Content creation and personalization
  • Lead capture
  • Lead scoring and management
  • Lead nurturing
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Campaign management
  • CRM integration
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Coordinated multi-channel campaign management
  • Test and optimize
  • And more

Neumann’s all-in-one automated AI platform turns critical enterprise data into accurate market insights to help executives craft effective strategies, develop appropriate products and services, and swiftly react to industry changes.