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Neumann Marketing

Your in-house marketer for every customer.

Tool of choice for tracking, from a single point, marketing campaign results on various levels.

The Harmony of Opposites

The production of goods and services, regardless of time or place or market, is governed by two opposing concepts; mass production, or quantity; and custom production, or quality. Given the ability to join these two contrasting concepts, and do what may be called “mass-customization,” a business is sure to enjoy a serious competitive edge!

Introducing Neumann Marketing

Neumann Marketing is the marketing machine, built on top of the Neumann Data Platform, which allows you to manage the two dimensions of your marketing activities; global reach, or quantity, and individual connection, or quality. No compromise, and no trade-offs.

  • Neumann Marketing Machine

    A marketer for every customer is what Neumann aims to deliver.
    In a fast-moving, highly connected world, things need to happen at the speed of light and in laser focus in order to help maintain an effective marketing machine.

  • Neumann Data Platform

    Neumann data platform is the meeting point of the diverse and ever-changing data streams such as IOTs, mobile applications, websites, social media, internal databases, CRM, which becomes an invaluable repository of rich customer data, ready to be tapped into.

  • Customer base modeling

    Customers’ profiles, value and behavioral models feeding off the data available in Neumann’s data platform offer insights at various customer levels; individual, group and entire base. Beautiful and elegant visualization modes not only show what the data “looks like” but mainly bring the most interesting pieces of information to the decision-makers’ attention.

  • Campaign management

    Once exposed to insights, Neumann’s campaign manager enables marketers to take immediate action without having to export, import or integrate with any other system or tool. A marketer can execute a campaign and monitor its results right away

  • Marketing Automation

    A campaign can be created on the spot, but more importantly, it can be automated simply by indicating that the newly designed communication pieces ought to be executed every time certain conditions are met. Neumann monitors the customer base in search for these conditions and executes the campaign as instructed.

  • Customer life-cycle program

    We provide a one-of-a-kind customer relationship design consultancy.
    The entire customer life-cycle program, including the data models that result from data mining exercises, are deployed onto Neumann Marketing, making Neumann an intelligent, timely, tireless, and thorough marketing machine that truly acts as a marketer for every customer.

    Experience module designed to enhance customer satisfaction

    • On-Boarding: Designed to help customers understand what the brand is about, the full details about the purchases, and the channels that the bank is promoting
    • Activation: Developed to encourage a customer to make a transaction when they haven’t made any in a given period of time

    Revenue module designed to drive organic growth and preserve value

    • Offer Optimization: Offers are developed based on customer behavioral/value segmentation, increasing offer relevance and timeliness
    • Cross-Selling Matrix: A set of prioritized product offerings given a current customer portfolio
    • Time-Lapsed: Determining time thresholds according to customers’ behavior to communicate adequate offers
    • Decreased Spending: Customers exhibiting sustained change in behavior trigger necessary measures towards a change
    • Delinquency: Identifying a behavioral pattern that may predict delinquency and default

Neumann Marketing features

Paramount among Neumann’s Unique Selling Points is that all its features are linked to the corporate data in a personalized way based on every client’s behavior and in a very simple drag-and-drop fashion. Every action is designed for the mass clientele but received in such a way as to ultimately reach down to a segment of one. The client will receive the campaign that is relevant to their behavior, and once the latter changes, the system will automatically re-classify the client so that they receive the adequate campaign.

Marketing campaigns
Omni-Channel Communication

Email, SMS, Social, mobile, ATM, Website

Custom Template
A/B testing

Per action or per campaign


Goals, Analytical Dashboards, Custom and Campaign Performance Reports

Delivery Tracking
Workflow Builder
Automatic event-creation
Trigger-based Actions
Prospect Segmentation
Dynamic Content
Email Preview and Templates
Digital Media Server
Facebook Publishing
Video Sharing
Web Analytics
CRM Integration
Deployment Environment


Neumann Marketing

It’s about time generic marketing gave way to tailor-made marketing.

Improve performance by monitoring campaigns from inception to execution to audience reaction.

Neumann Marketing

Not all marketing automation tools are created the same.

Being customer-centric means that a company believes in, and acts on nurturing a one-on-one relationship with each one of its customers. Businesses today are capturing a huge amount of personal and transactional data about their customers but in order to easily translate this data into behavior and interaction for the purpose of building this unique relationship, they need a solution that is simultaneously capable of:

Creating a customer data platform that affords a single, real-time view of the truth of the customer’s information

Providing a 360-degree view of the customer’s behavior through interactive dashboards

Generating campaigns and interacting back and forth with customers  from the same platform

Neumann Marketing is the only platform that has these three pillars; from collecting the data and building the customer platform, to browsing the behavior of every customer while the system is building machine-learning models that segment and recommend products to every individual customer, all the way to interacting with the customers by sending each one the right personalized offer at the right time through the right communication channel.

In a league of its own, Neumann acts as a unique marketer for every customer.

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